shipping and storage cases


DESAPRO offers individualized aluminum case solutions for every storage, transport or operation application.

We solve our customers  packaging challenges with innovation. We are confronted with packaging challenges daily. We manufacture top quality transit cases using corrosion resistant materials in an elegant design. DESAPRO aluminum transit cases are built for high stability and provide protection against all the relevant environmental risks. The degree of protection built into the special lightweight STANEX cases is extremely high. They are exceptionally resistant against drop shock, mechanical shock and vibration. When closed they provide excellent protection against damaging intrusion of sand and dust, snow, ice and water meeting the IP54 Standard per EN60529. They are suitable for the tropics and are termite proof. DESAPRO STANEX cases meet MIL-STD-810 Rev G blowing rain test.

The robustness of the STANEX light metal cases is noticeable already at first glance.

  • The STANEX are built to endure the toughest loading and stacking demands, even the occasional fall from the back of a truck is not too much for these ruggedized cases
  • The cases have corners with special castings which tightly connect the case parts and are very robust
  • All parts are riveted. The result being an exceptionally stable construction even for larger size cases
  • Galvanized steel corner elements provide not only additional robustness but also positive vertical stacking capability around.
  • Wood or POM skids add to the strength and areas of handling
  • Special Navy grade rubber grip, spring-loaded drop handles can support a 110 pound load each
  • Secure closing is provided by specially designed stirrup latches which have padlock fittings.

The ruggedized  construction ensures protection of your goods for many years to come. These features guarantee the safety and security of your equipment. Your goods are safe when packed in a STANEX transit case. The STANEX transport case is unsurpassed for dependable storage and transportation in any environment. STANEX transport cases are used for commercial and military applications around the world.

Custom sizes are easily handled by DESAPRO since our cases are not molded or deep drawn, but built to order and to your specs.

There are many options to choose from


Foam lining

We offer general foam lining inserts with a thickness of 25mm to 50mm or cushioning configured specifically for your payload based on the fragility and dimension of equipment transported and stored.


Natural aluminum or painted finishes in any color specified is available


Custom sizes are available and any size can be manufactured to your specific requirement. We will engineer your case for you.

Application Examples

  • Test Equipment, Radio Equipment
  • Tools, Spare Parts
  • Laboratory Appliances
  • Delicate Instruments, Medical Instruments, and Field Hospitals
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Valuables, Currency, Securities
  • Test Equipment, Radio Equipment

Please contact DESAPRO Engineering in order that your aluminum transit case can be tailored to meet your qualification requirements.