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The MILEX case is a water and dust proofed, shock and vibration absorbing aluminum transit case for 19 inch electronics. MILEX transit cases are NATO approved and designed to meet the rigid requirements of U.S. MIL specifications and other MIL standards worldwide. Together with a large range of accessories such as cooling systems, racks, drawers and slides, MILEX aluminum transit cases represent the most comprehensive line available today for the safe packaging of mobile electronics. MILEX transit cases are made exactly to customer’s specifications. DESAPRO has developed a unique expertise in designing and custom manufacturing to deliver the right quality for your application on time.

MILEX aluminum transit cases are designed to meet the rigid requirements of MIL-STD-810G and other appropriate military standards for a product of this kind. MILEX cases are designed and manufactured to the specific requirements of environmental protection required by the equipment being contained and transported which provides the maximum protection while also affording other essential and desirable features.

The size of the MILEX case is determined by the size the equipment demands. However, due to the positioning of the DESAPRO shock mounts the space between the inner chassis and outer shell is minimized with equal or better shock and vibration properties. This feature means that the overall dimension of MILEX cases is as small as it can be without sacrificing protective characteristics.

Protection against
environmental stress:

Extreme on the outside and safe in the inside!

Undesirable influences from various sources which occur during transport, storage, or operations can have a damaging effect on sensitive goods and therefore present a considerable risk. These risks are mitigated by using DESAPRO cases. DESAPRO cases protect against many environment stress’s:

Protection against climatic stress such as

  • Extreme temperatures in tropical or arctic regions
  • Temperature shock in airborne situations
  • High humidity in tropical regions
  • Aggressive atmospheric conditions such as salt fog at sea
  • Sand and wind in deserts or industrial settings
  • Water damage by rain or transport by sea
  • Sun radiation (UV rays)
  • Rain, snow, hail

Protection against electrical stress by direct or random high frequency interference

  • Jamming transition
  • Switching operations

Protection against internally product stress

  • Dissipated heat
  • High voltage components
  • Radio frequency radiation

Protection against electronic stress such as
electromagnetic interference (EMI), RFI

Protection against foreign objects

Protection against mechanical stress such as vibration, shock and free fall

Main components of the
transit case

The MILEX aluminum transit cases consist essentially of three main parts:

Self-supporting housing

A  welded and rigid construction forms a self-supporting shell that is both light and rugged. The entire aluminum construction is shock proof and resistant to extreme temperature change, conductive and fully recyclable. Stacking feet on the bottom and indentations on the top of the housing provide stable stacking of the cases. The standard equipped cases include a pressure equalization valve. Case connections and securing the cases to any bolting pattern are available for specific applications.

Shock mounted chassis

The core of the case is a shock mounted chassis. Depending on the model and size, equipment can be fitted either from the front or the rear of the case. In order to keep the weight down and allow for optimal ventilation, the chassis are designed with large holes. The chassis is connected to the housing shell by an electrical ground strap.


All MILEX cases are protected against outside influences through a bolted cover with gasket. Easily operated closures are recessed in the housing cover and ensure a solid seal. The cover space can be used for I/O panel, windows, cable pouches, ventilation louvres etc.


There are four types of MILEX 19 inch rack mount Transit cases


The MILEX 19’’ Transit Cases are intended for use in extreme conditions. The electronics are attached to a shock mounted chassis, not directly to the shell. A minimum of 8 shock and vibration absorbers serve to deflect any mechanical stress on the housing. After attachment of the chassis, the case is securely sealed with a cover to protect the contents against dust, sand and water.


The MILEX Hard mounted transit case is a standard 19 inch Case without a shock mounted chassis. It is intended for applications where vibration protection is not critical. All other protective features and outer dimensions are equivalent to the Shock mounted case.


The MILEX Wire rope transit case is a 19 inch transit case with the chassis mounted on stainless steel spiral wire rope shock absorbers. These types of shock absorbers are used where electronics have to be protected from vibration and particularly severe shock. The wire rope shock absorbers ensure the necessary deflection, not provided by the shock absorbers in the shock mounted transit cases. Typical applications are shock protections on ship, submarines, helicopters or other aircrafts.


MILEXPRO is the newest generation of robust transit cases for the transport of sensitive electronics, IT, and measuring systems. It combines the high value by shortening the integration time of your hardware and easy access during transport and/or in operations. The closing system is unique and supported by a revolving frame system, which is guided in the X- & Y- axis thus centralizing the cover automatically. The long lasting original features of the MILEX are kept in place enabling the stacking compatibility is possible with other MILEX cases.

The main advantages of the MILEXPRO are

Long lasting shelf life

The lifetime of the integrated product is increased due to improved and innovative mechanical features of the MILEXPRO supported by the centuries of Know How and experience in the manufacturing of aluminum cases for transport of sensitive goods under most extreme environmental conditions.

Optimal protection and flexibility

In operation the user is equipped with maximal protection through a fundamentally improved case construction which protects even better against shock and vibration. The individual choice of shock mounts offers a universal usage of the MILEXPRO. The shock mounts can be changed easily on the fly if necessary later in operations if a different payload is mounted in the case due to the profile enforced shock mount carrier plates. Through the separated sealing and HF-shielding system there is always an environmental protection and the HF-shielding can optionally be added later on if needed.

Cost savings

The enormous reduction in integration time and thus cost savings is unique due to the entire removal of the internal chassis. The possibility to warehouse cases and chassis separately also reduces the amount of storage space and, as a plus, helps prevent scratching of the case in the integration phase. Due to the free access of the chassis an optimal cable management is secured. Time saving through clean and efficient integration management is possible.

Flexibility through
a variety of MILEX options

We offer custom aluminum transit case options to meet your specific needs

A large selection of standard accessories are available

  • Drawers and trays with or without telescopic slides
  • Special covers providing extra space for pouches, cable coils, windows, louvres and connector trays
  • Castors or dolly’s for mobility
  • Special gaskets or skirt seal to provide weatherproofing or EMI protection with covers removed
  • Variety of latches and closures

shielding options

EMI Gasket

Electronically conductive gasket installed in the housing to provide electrical contact between the covers and the housing. This gasket also provides weather protection to the case when the covers are mounted.

EMI conductive skirt seal

To eliminate the risk of water or dust contamination to the interior of the case when the covers are removed, a flexible seal between the chassis and housing can be specified and fitted. This flexible skirt seal does not affect the anti vibration characteristics of the case. Sealing of the space between the housing and the frame results in IP 65 protection. The skirt seal is electrically conductive.

EMI Frame

A special EMI thight fame manufactured with alodine aluminum can be used for additional EMI protection. This gives the maximum protection to the electronics in the case. In order to dissipate heat produced by the electronics, the walls of the frame have 3mm (0,12’’) holes, average distance between holes is 4mm (0,14’’).

Attenuation at various frequency band

Measuring shielding effectiveness of housing (sample)

HF Source
HF shilding without EMI preparation
HF shilding with EMI preparation

MILEX design
Characteristics and features

  • Superior volume/weight ratio compared to plastic, composite or wood cases
  • Compact and rugged aluminum construction
  • Superior use of space due to tight radius of shell and minimal space between shell and chassis compared to plastic, composite or wood cases
  • Recessed handles and closures
  • Positive stacking provisions even for housings of different outer dimensions
  • Compliant to MIL-STD-4150 and MIL-STD-28800
  • Calibration of shock mounts corresponding to equipment weight and/or environmental specifications
  • Carefully selected aluminum alloys

Variety of Standard Sizes (DIN41494 / IEC297)

  • 2 U to 24 U height (1 U = 44.45 mm)
  • 19“ chassis and half 19“ chassis
  • Housing standard depths – 219, 350, 480, 610, 762 mm
  • Covers standard depths – 63, 103, 153 mm
  • Custom sizes available and easily accommodated

MILEX case performance is dependent on a wide-variety of variables such as payload weight, payload center-of-gravity, payload fragility, payload mounting, payload fastening, test durations, test sequencing, customer pass/fail criteria and many more specifications. Please contact DESAPRO Engineering in order that your transit case can be tailored to meet your qualification requirements.

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DESAPRO 19 inch rackmount case with a Hx Koolex cover is for field deployable ‘Ground Test Equipment’ (GSE) for the test and verification of Military helicopters. It is designed for outdoor use and operational in harsh conditions due to the special EMI skirt seals and other environmental features of the rugged Rack construction.

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