instrument cases


The PORTEX instrument case is extremely rugged, versatile, and waterproof offering the widest ranges of sizes and options. They are ideal for the safe transportation and field operation of delicate equipment for commercial, industrial and military use. There are many special features that help ensure the safe delivery of intricate instruments in transit and operations in a hostile environment.

Design characteristics

  • Meet all applicable MIL-29900 performance levels of MIL-STD810F and the watertight requirements of IP65. Also IP68 solutions available
  • Protection of latches and hardware is achieved through the use of guarded latches and handles or by incorporating V rails along the perimeter of the case
  • A wide range of sizes is available. Can be configured to exact size required unlike deep drawn cases
  • Shock and vibration isolation options can be incorporated
  • Flanges are available for mounting instruments and electronics
  • Stirrup latches are used to ensure positive fastening and secure locking of lid

Please contact DESAPRO Engineering in order that your transit case can be tailored to meet your qualification requirements.