temperature control cases


The KOOLEX family provides complete temperature control for the contents of the MILEX case. Our cooling solutions product line starts at the low end of complexity with fans and on the high end with active vapor cycle air conditioning. Depending on the heating or cooling requirements, availability and type of electrical power we will find the best system for any application.

Heat Exchanger

The passive Heat Exchanger Cover operates with two forced air circulation loops that are not connected thereby allowing sealed operations.
This system cycles outside air into the heat exchanger where it passes over fins reducing the temperature of the fins which remove the heat. On the inside loop, the air in the case is brought into the heat exchanger releasing the temperature of the fins. The heat is passed from the inside loop to the outer loop via the fins (passive connection). The heat dissipation capability depends on the position of the case (stand alone, position against wall, stacked). It works most effectively when there is a temperature differential between the inside and outside of at least 20 C.

  • Cools by air changes
  • Air to air heat transfer
  • Unit is sealed against spray water and dust
  • IP65


Many thermal control solutions can be met with a simple axial fan at one end of the case and an engineered (measured) opening at the opposite end

  • Cools by air changes
  • Electrical 28VDC (110/220VAC also available)
  • Changes air 20x / minute
  • Filters may be installed as an option
  • Available in rugged COTS and MIL-STD configuration

Active Cooling Unit

Active cooling units provides complete temperature control for the MILEX rackmount cases. The A/C KOOLEX uses a self- contained R134A vapor cycle air conditioner. The A/C KOOLEX easily mounts to the MILEX rackmount transit case for access to the internal payload. The closed loop air flow pattern eliminates hot spots while maximizing cooling.

Also available with heating option for deep environmental temperatures to bring the equipment to operating temperature.
Please contact engineering for customized cooling/heating solutions


There are also methods of thermal insulation as techniques to limit heat/cold transfer. DESAPRO offers two methods:

Thermal insulation paint

Thermal insulating paint as coating inside the case is an alternative to conventional insulation materials. It is lighter and less bulky in your structure and requires much less maintenance than conventional insulation.

Thermal insulation pads

Thermal insulating pads as lining inside the case is another way to limit the heat transfer. DESAPRO can install insulation padding customer specifically.