DESAPRO manufactures aluminum cases engineered to withstand the severity of storage, operations, and transport usage. We engineer and manufacture both standard and nonstandard aluminum transit housings and aluminum transport cases. This for securing rack mount electronic equipment or safeguard any valuable good needing protection from a variety of environmental elements such as shock, vibration, water and/or salt fog, dust and sand, EMI. DESAPRO offers a variety of customized aluminum solutions based on specific end-user requirements, industry standards as well as applications and market segment.

Why is Aluminum superior? The advantages of aluminum are utilized across the entire DESAPRO product line. With DESAPRO products our customers can achieve the smallest possible footprint and light weight with the highest level of protection. We have in-house expertise to design specialty cases tailored to the customer’s exact specification.

DESAPRO offers many benefits as your
engineering aluminum solutions business partner:

Customized solution competence

Our focus is on innovating solutions to meet our Customer’s packaging challenges by adding value with our expertise in aluminum. We have knowledgeable engineers using state of the art CAD tools, finding the solution from concept to design for the relevant application with expert metal fabricators in manufacturing.

Precision aluminum material competence

In today’s world with requirement for mobility and efficiency lightweight packaging, aluminum solutions play a significant factor in the increased demand for DESAPRO products. At DESAPRO, we focus on developing and manufacturing cases out of high quality lightweight and strong aluminum with the flexibility to offer smaller or larger series to our customers.

Profound technical
Know How

With over forty-five years of experience in engineering fabricated aluminum products, DESAPRO can make high precision packaging solutions that meet the highest protection requirements of our customers for their relevant application. On-site Customer qualification testing and product quality testing is readily available.

Long term

The success of DESAPRO rests on a proven formula of the heritage. DESAPRO has been a stable provider of these solutions for over forty-five years and will continue to do so for many years to come. This enables us to offer continuous long term customer relationships over many years.