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The KOOLEX family provides complete temperature control for the contents of the MILEX case. Our KOOLEX product line starts at the low end of complexity with fans and on the high end with active vapor cycle air conditioning. Depending on the heating or cooling requirements, availability and type of electrical power we will find the best system for any application.

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  • Heat Exchanger
  • Air Conditioner

The KOOLEX passive Cover Heat Exchanger operates with two forced air circulation loops that are not connected thereby allowing sealed operation.

This system cycles air into the CHE where it passes over fins in the passage reducing the temperature of the fins which removes the heat. On the inside loop, the air in the case is brought into the CHE raising the temperature of the fins. The heat is passed from the inside loop to the outer loop via the fins (passive connection). The heat dissipation capability depends on the position of the case (stand alone, positioned against wall, stacked). It works most effectively when there is a temperature differential between the inside and outside of at least 20°C.

Model Case
Standard Duty 6U – 9U 110 mm 240 W na
Superior Duty 800 10U – 15U 110 mm 260 W na
Additional Specifications Depth Model W min W max
  • Cools by air changes
  • Air to air heat transfer
  • Unit is sealed against spray water and dust
  • IP65
219 3U, 6U, 9U
12U 438 638
15U 461 661
350 3U
6U 414
9U 439
12U 465 651
15U 491 691
480 3U
6U 433
9U 462
12U 492 692
15U 521 721
610 3U
6U 453
9U 486
12U 518 718
15U 551 751

KOOLEX rugged Cover Air Conditioners for applications in mobile command centers, tents and trailers where AC power is available.

Model Case
Standard Duty 6U – 9U 110 mm 320 W na
Superior Duty 800 10U – 15U 110 mm 800 W 400 W
Superior Duty 1400 14W – 15U 210 mm 1400 W 800 W
Mobile Power 2500 4U 153 mm 750 W na
Mobile Power 5000 5U – 15U 153 mm 1500 W na
All-Terrain 8500 9U 153 mm 2491 W na

Standard Specifications:

  • Rugged COTS (commercial off the shelf) construction
  • Def-STAN 35 (vibration and shock)
  • Mounts in MILEX covers
  • Compressor and evaporator in single unit
  • Sealed operation – recycles air inside case with no outside air intrusion
  • IP 65
  • Wash down
  • Power connection inside or optionally outside
  • 115 VAC version available
  • CFC-free R134a refrigerant

All-Terrain 8500

koolex-all-terrainKOOLEX All-Terrain 8500 is our compact rugged military air conditioner for off road application on wheeled and tracked vehicles. The KOOLEX All-Terrain 8500 has a high-level performance with military standard capabilities.

All-Terrain Additional Specs:

  • MIL-Standard rugged design
    • MIL-STD-810F, Method 514.5, Procedure 1, Category 24. Vibration level general min. integrity exposure
    • MIL-STD-810F, Method 514.5C-3, Procedure 1, Category 4. Composite vehicle vibration exposure
  • Self-contained system in MILEX Case Cover
  • Sealed operation (cooling)
  • Line Replaceable Unit (LRU)
  • Runs on military vehicle electrical system
  • Continuously operating compressor (metered)
  • Delayed start upon power-up
Case Height Case Depth Weight Cooling Capacity
@ 52° C
Operating Range Power Supply
All-Terrain 8500 9U-15U 153 mm 36 kg 2491 W 5°C – 54°C 28 VDC


Air Conditioned Transit Cases

DESAPRO delivers a family of temperature control products including air conditioned transit cases designed to safely transport and protect transit. A built-in heat management approach lives up to the standard of military transit cases using aluminum transit cases. For more information, see the entire line of KOOLEX and MILEX products.

Cases With Cooling Electronics

DESAPRO manufactures cases with cooling electronics for effective heat management at all times. Discover rackmount and military-grade cases that incorporate electronics cooling fans for comprehensive temperature control. For more information, see the entire line of KOOLEX and MILEX products.

Transport Cases

Manufacturing the most effective and reliable transport cases for military and commercial usage comes as part of DESAPRO’s advantage. Find aluminum transport cases that cover all needs for safe transport and enclosures with designs that are proven to deliver rugged and military-grade protection. For more information, see the entire line of KOOLEX and MILEX products.


Koolex Brochure

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