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DESAPRO manufactures aluminum cases engineered to withstand the severity of field operations, military, and commercial transport usage.  We design and manufacture both standard and nonstandard aluminum transit housings for rack and flange mount electronic equipment needing protection from a variety of elements such as shock, vibration, water, dust, etc. DESAPRO also fabricates cases for general shipping purposes.  Additionally, we offer many customized aluminum solutions based on end-user requirements.

We have in-house expertise to design specialty cases tailored to the customer’s exact specification.  Since we use an aluminum sheet shell process we are not restrained by sizing limitations inherent in plastic molds or deep drawn aluminum cases that use a die process.

This advantage is utilized across the entire DESAPRO product line; however, it really stands out when clients come to us for instrument cases.  A DESAPRO customer never has to settle for the next adjacent size.  With DESAPRO products our customer’s can achieve the smallest possible footprint with the highest level of protection. In fact, the majority of applications that are considered custom for our competition are only semi-custom for DESAPRO.  Both plastic and deep-drawn aluminum have disadvantages especially when you need a custom solution and have a standard (COTS) type budget.

Most reputable case manufacturers claim they make custom housings, right? Ask yourself, “What does that really mean or translate to?” A significant question might be: Will there be an NRE (non-reoccurring engineering) fee for a special mold, die, or design time?  How much?

Please allow us to back up our claim with a real world example.

DESAPRO uses an aluminum alloy sheet process for all product lines. We have standard sizes derived from what our clients ask for, what the industry standards are, and in some instances what the state-of-the-art equipment requires for a given application. So you have lots to choose from already. If you don’t see a size listed that is right for you, we can create any size since we are using the previously mentioned aluminum alloy sheet method. This process translates to the smallest possible size package, uniformity in such things as corner thickness, and you’re not paying for someone to sit at a CAD workstation. Not using DESAPRO’s free-of-charge experience means a waste of time and money!

These are just a few benefits DESAPRO offers as your engineering aluminum solutions business partner.

DESAPRO = Engineered Solutions Provider

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