MILEX | EMI, (RFI) protection

Because the MILEX transit case is made of aluminum as opposed to a non conducting material such as plastic, composite or wood, it can be constructed to screen the electronics in the housing against the effects of EMI and RFI with the installation of some special features. Protection is in accordance with VG 95 373.

EMI gasket

Electrically conductive gasket installed in housing to provide electrical contact between covers and housing. This gasket also provides weather protection to case when covers are

Conductive skirt seal

To eliminate the risk of water or dust contaminating the interior of the case when the covers are removed, a flexible seal between the support frame and the housing can be fitted. The flexible seal does not affect the anti-vibration characteristics of the case. Sealing of the space between the housing and frame results in IP 65 protection. The skirt seal is electrically conductive.

RFI frame

A special RFI tight frame manufactured of alodined aluminum is used. Electronics in the case are thereby screened against RFI. In order to dissipate heat produced by the electronics, the walls of the frame have 3 mm (0,11“) holes, average distance between holes is 4 mm (0,15“).

MILEX | KOOLEX Thermal Management

Design Considerations:

  1. Does the entire system require cooling, or is spot cooling adequate?
  2. Any components that are especially sensitive heat/cold?
    a. Amount of heat produced?
    b. Maximum temperature allowed?
  3. What are the typical and maximum temperature ranges for the ambient air?
  4. Specific temperature range control?
  5. Supplemental heat – low ambient temperatures?
  6. Particulate and moisture content of the ambient air?
  7. Is the ambient air dirty (dirt, oil, salt, corrosives or other)?
  8. Will system electronics require isolation (sealed) from outside air?
  9. Are special filters required for any reason?

With this information, we will produce a comprehensive heat loss and gain study on the system.  Then we can determine the type of solutions to be considered.  DESAPRO KOOLEX solutions for MILEX Cases include the following:

Open (Filtered)

  • Fans: Requires minimal space / multiple air changes


  • Heat Exchangers: Components tolerate higher than ambient temperatures
  • Air Conditioners: Maintain temperature at or below ambient (& de-humidify)

DESAPRO KOOLEX Solutions include the following systems:

  1. Fans
  2. Heat Exchangers
  3. Standard Air Conditioning
  4. Superior Air Conditioning
  5. Power Server / Thermal Control
  6. Auxiliary Heaters

MILEX | Quality Standards


  • MILEX case protects against dust and water spray from all directions in according IP65 as per EN 60529 (MIL-STD-4150, MIL-STD-28800, MIL-STD-810)
  • Cases equipped with optional skirt seal provide similar weatherproofing standard under operational mode (covers removed)

Quality Standard

  • Construction, design and documentation are to ISO 9001 standard
  • MILEX cases are NATO approved


  • Housings and covers are made of Peraluman 350, a salt-water resistant aluminum alloy exclusively produced for DESAPRO
  • Elastomeric shock mounts and stainless steel hardware


  • Housings and covers natural aluminum finish or coated per FED-STD-595B, RAL, or BS
  • Shock chassis alodined per MIL-C-5541
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